Oldtime Fiddle Tunes
Brian (fiddle) & Lisa (mountain dulcimer, banjo, limberjack)

First four MP3's recorded October 2005

Lady of the Lake
(mp3 file size: 3.44 MB)

Sally's Got Mud Between Her Toes
(mp3 file size: 3.91 MB)

(mp3 file size: 3.11 MB)

Goodbye Girls, I'm Going to Boston
(mp3 file size: 4.38 MB)

Brian and Lisa playing "Hell Up Coal Holler" on fiddle and mountain dulcimer

(Sept.11 2009 at our local farmer's market)

Lisa Playing Clyde the Limberjack

(Sept.11 2009 at the farmer's market)

Brian (fiddle), Lisa (banjo), and Steve (guitar)
playing old-time fiddle tune "Brushy Fork of John's Creek" on November 15, 2010

Brian (fiddle), Lisa (banjo), and Steve (guitar)
playing old-time fiddle tune "Sambo" in November 2010

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